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7.04.2005 | link |

mr and mrs munhall  

i've always been fascinated by old photos of strangers. who are these people, and how have their photos ended up being sold for a dollar at a sunday flea market? was the photo lost during a move or accidentally left inside the pages of a donated book? or more likely, have the subjects or the recipients of the photo died--and all value of the photo sadly lost along the way? will this happen to my photos one day?

i'm always tempted to buy and bring these photos home. to give these strangers a new family, of sorts. realizing that this could be a ridiculously excessive collection, i decided that i'm allowed to bring home just one special photo for every time i visit the flea market. i'll put these photos in a "family album". and one day if i have a home and the space, i'd like to put them up on a wall.

this photo, above, is lucky, because it has some clues handwritten on the back.

please meet vera and howard munhall, ages 17 and 19, from oklahoma. puppy's name and age unknown.

you can see more photos of the flea market.
or see more of my flea market buys from yesterday.

happy 4th of july!

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