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5.02.2005 | link |

weekend wonders  

sweet exhaustion! my pal vera and i spent saturday at coachella and sunday in and around joshua tree. too much goodness to try to describe all at once, but mostly,

we saw wonderful things:
- carpets of desert wildflowers blossoming
- snow patrol, zap mama, keane, rilo kiley, wilco, weezer, coldplay (some bands at coachella)
- a baby jack rabbit in a cave, an antelope squirrel, a road runner, a shetland pony (not bands at coachella)
- the view of the salton sea from 5158 feet above sea level

we saw strange things:

- a man in a fuzzy teddy bear costume getting attacked by two squealing girls
- a man with a fanny pack throwing a rock at a sidewinder rattlesnake from 4 feet away just to "hear its rattle"
- the 2:30 gunslinger street show performed by the local talent in pioneertown
- the pioneertown barkeep in full period dress, and her young daughter (who looked sort-of like this) grilling burgers in the saloon kitchen behind the bar (she said the cook was out)

we saw strange, wonderful things:

- peter murphy of bauhaus suspended from an overhead cable by his ankles, hanging upside down like a vampire bat while singing the entire first song of their set
- a 20-foot tall mechanical baby next to large menacing robots attacking eachother and tearing apart objects as though they were a pride of lions ripping into a zebra
- a hawk soaring across the sky with a desert rat in its claws
- a biker gang of about 6 black-clad men getting on their motorcycles at a gas station, speaking loudly to eachother in french (yes, french!)

only disappointment:
- woman at front desk of the oasis of eden wouldn't let us peak into the cave room

(so glad i went. i'll try to post some photos soon.)

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