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5.17.2005 | link |

don’t be fooled by the cuteness  

i've spotted a number of pretty songbirds hanging around the apartment complex recently. so i thought it would be interesting to put up an audubon birdhouse / feeder on my front porch. you know, to encourage some bird action around the place. today i came home early from work and was thrilled to find 6 or 7 little birds and even a squirrel all gathered around my front door like i was snow white and they were my friendly woodland creatures! (just missing some bunny rabbits and a couple of deer.) their happy chirping almost drowned out the din of traffic from the street. and after being stressed out all morning, i felt like all was good in the world.

well, at least until i got inside and started watching them from the window.

suddenly, these seemingly sweet feathery friends got all animal kingdom on each other. they started pushing each other off the birdhouse with their pointy beaks, intimidating eachother and staring each other down, squawking, pecking, and, if crossed, attacking each other as birdseed and feathers flew everywhere. i was stunned! guess i momentarily forgot which world i live in. they're just tough urban birds from the streets trying to survive in a rough game of birdhouse domination. i resent these bitter doses of reality. oh well. only 7 more days before we're off to big sur!

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