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5.16.2005 | link |


the muffin choices in the lunchroom at work are "cheese", "peanut butter and jelly", and "chocolate chocolate chocolate". there are also packets of "lunchables" with obscenely high levels of sodium. in between the candy bars and cheese nips, there's an unrecognizable plastic-wrapped pastry called "pay de pina" (which i figure is some kind of pineapple pie). not that i'd consider it, but incidentally, it is also seriously past its "best by…" date. i finally find a relatively healthy container of yogurt in the vending machine--the same vending machine that has been dubbed the "wheel of death"--and i make my breakfast purchase. i consider that the vending machine people secretly (or quite openly) hate us and want us all to die. i check my yogurt container for punctures before i eat it. and this is how i begin my monday morning.

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