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4.04.2005 | link |


i felt like i was looking at myself, only 10 years ago. she was sitting across from me on the metro saturday afternoon. long, dark hair hastily pulled back. light eyes, bump on the nose, pointy chin. her clothes, stylish but not. vintage handbag stuffed with notebooks. feminine, indian-looking shirt over army-green pants and black converse. and the same kind of jewelry my dad used to tease me about. “still wearing that tin can stuff?” he’d say.

people always wonder how they’re perceived by others. and there i was. giving myself the impression that i was both well put-together and falling apart. equally relaxed and restless. self-assured yet awkward. the girl’s mismatched friend whispered something into her ear and her eyes shaped into shiny quarter moons. and as she threw her hand over her mouth to hold in her laughter, i thought, why do i do that? i should stop.

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