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4.25.2005 | link |

frequently asked  

this is the weirdest and best kitty picture ever. and incidentally, my blog is three years old today! so i thought i'd answer some questions.

1. who's "sally tomato"?
sally tomato is the name of the imprisoned mobster from "breakfast at tiffany's". holly golightly would go to visit "uncle sally" in sing-sing every thursday to give him the "weather report".

2. why did you title your blog after an imprisoned mobster?

from the first time i heard it, i thought "sally tomato" would be a super name for an all-girl band. since i didn't have a band to name, i settled on a blog.

3. is "breakfast at tiffany's" your favorite movie?

no, but it's in my top 15. when i lived alone in seattle, i'd frequently play "breakfast at tiffany's" as background noise while i did other things around the apartment. i don't know why i chose it. but back then, my life was as uncomfortable as a too-tight polyester suit grating against your skin on a scorching summer day. and this sad, weird little movie seemed to loosen the belt a bit.

4. why "take offs and landings"?
lots of reasons. but practically speaking, rilo kiley's "take-offs & landings" was in heavy rotation on my computer's CD player when i first signed up for blogger. i never meant to steal the name outright. (it was a temporary thing just to get the blog set up.) but it stuck. and it seemed to define my life. i feel like i'm always taking off or landing.

5. what happened to "ralph waldo wednesdays"?

"adopt the pace of nature: her secret is patience."
- ralph waldo emerson

as always, thanks for reading.

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