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2.17.2004 | link |

happiness is overrated  

someone told me the other day that they loved that i always seems to be smiling. it was one of those TV moments where one points to oneself, looks around, and mouths the word "me?" me? always smiling?

i've come to make peace with my cheerlessness lately. i'm settling for melancholy. melancholy and i go way back. i'm comfortable there so i think i'll settle in. at least until my brain has a change of heart. besides, happiness is overrated. if we, as a modern society, stopped trying to understand why we're depressed all the time, stopped feeling depressed about feeling depressed, stopped trying to not act depressed, stopped trying to cheer depressed people up because that makes them feel even sadder and kind-of freakish, stopped with the "are you depressed?" quizzes and "why are you depressed" articles and "stop being depressed" prescriptions and simply embraced our broody moods for the raw emotion and creative potential they have, we'd all be so much more, um, happier.*

*not clinically proven


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