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1.14.2004 | link |


if only i could say i was writing my book instead of simply not writing in my blog.

last saturday night i dreamt that one of our less popular fish “liberace” jumped out of the aquarium and was squashed dead by a big shoe. and on sunday afternoon, elliot actually found him floating lifelessly on the surface in the plant-heavy part of the aquarium. the place where the food flakes float to when they’re not immediately eaten. he wasn’t sick as far as we knew. but there’s a strange relief in knowing no one tried to eat poor liberace. especially el diablo/evil genius—who, just one week before, was caught trying to feast on a surprisingly stiff “stan.” (also of unknown causes and thoroughly mourned.)

combine the deaths of my dear scaly friends with the human-being funeral i attended last friday—and it would seem the new year has begun in a sad state, peppered with existentialist angst. but it hasn’t.

the new year itself began quite cheerfully, actually. with loved ones and good friends and parades. and champagne. and embarrassingly drunk neighbors. and polaroids.

and the days since then have been lingering in resolution-making mode, under the guise of “to do lists.” i love lists. when i'm dead, they'll find notebooks full of them. and i love the new year. the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings and looking forward. it’s inevitable that you have to deal with your yesterdays, too. but as long as you're not dead, you have tomorrows. and in the euphoria of a new beginning, anything seems possible.

so. to start off the first official “ralph waldo wednesday” of 2004, i present the following very hopeful thoughts:

“tomorrow is a new day; you shall begin it serenely and with too high a spirit to be encumbered with your old nonsense.”
- ralph waldo emerson

“tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it. “
- lucy maud montgomery (anne of green gables)

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