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11.12.2003 | link |


good grief, is it ralph waldo wednesday already? my days are all blurring together. at this rate, this blog will only consist of ralph waldo wednesdays and thoreau thursdays.

"judge of your natural character by what you do in your dreams."
- ralph waldo emerson

last night i dreamt—again—about being lost. it was the second "being lost" dream in the past two weeks. i think my brain's getting lazy with the dream metaphors.

the first time, i was lost in sri lanka. i needed to find my way back so i could catch a plane but ended up on a bus driving endlessly in the wrong direction.

then last night, i was lost in a university dorm building wearing just a towel and trying to find my way back to the shower. i had to catch a plane again. then when a gaggle of sorority girls tried to help me, i ended up on a BUS again. there was also a guy kicking around a hacky sack. but that's beside the point.

i don't know what obsession my brain has with all this public transportation. but how much more obvious can it be with the "being lost" theme? next it's going to have me dreaming that i'm in a dense fog, or sinking into quick-sand, or losing control of the car while driving.

at least when i dream about skunks and kittens, it's sort-of challenging.

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