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11.10.2003 | link |


for the 4th time today, i've told my computer that i hate its guts. (and i've meant it. every time.) is this normal? i've also been having words with several uncooperative and inconsiderate applications on my computer. and my grouchiness is not limited to hardware and software. i've also been grumbling about actual people, inefficient work assignments, slow drivers, loud neighbors, narrow parking spaces, unsharpened pencils, bread that won't toast properly, lukewarm coffee, my fish not getting along (i found myself actually yelling at my fish today, telling them to behave)--gawd, i'm turning into a grumpy old man!

at the root of all this crabbiness is the fact that i'm feeling low. (yes, again.) this time, i'll blame it on the chilly weather. i love it and i hate it. after a weekend of accomplishing nearly nothing but naps--all i've been thinking about is how lovely it would be to retreat into hibernation for a few weeks. at least until my birthday in 13 days. then i'll wake up. then i'll be happy and new. and all will be well.

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