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9.17.2003 | link |


last night i dreamt we were in a three-row station wagon driven by paul mccartney. john lennon was in the second row behind him, and elliot and i rode in the back seat. we were speeding on an empty highway through unbelievable countryside in ireland, and the two of them were happily harmonizing one of their songs. paul mccartney had both hands on the wheel, moving it right and left like they do in old movies. john lennon was hanging his arm out the window, fingers fanned with palm facing forward, and the wind was blowing his hair everywhere. i was thrilled--and i kept looking at elliot, eyes wide, quietly mouthing the words: can. you. believe. this??? i thought, “i gotta blog about this.” then my alarm clock started screeching at me to wake up and go to the gym. it was still dark. i thought about falling back asleep so i could find out where paul mccartney, john lennon, elliot, and i were going. but i quickly realized the dream couldn’t possibly get any better than it already was, so i got up and brushed my teeth.

now i keep trying to remember what song they were singing. i think it was "paperback writer".

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