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7.16.2003 | link |


it is 7:59 pm and i am still at work. i've been rearranging words for the past 9 hours.

just thought you should know. in case you thought i was being lazy (just a little. sometimes) or depressed (often. but not now) or avoiding blog again (shocking, i know. but it's been known to happen).

i simply haven't had the luxury of blog this week.

i like the word "blog". blog is a very versatile word. a super-word, in fact. blog throws caution to the wind. blog wears its emotions on its sleeve. i can blog (verb) on my blog (noun). i can say i was blogging (verb) or i like blogging (gerund!). i also like the word "gerund".

good lord. i need to stop talking now.

won't you say something?

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