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6.01.2003 | link |


(young woman with three large shopping bags to equally burdened friend in parking lot, somewhere between "ross" and "pier 1")
"i don't know why, i just feel like shopping today!"

(middle-aged lady to older woman while lookingly disgustedly at towers of various-sized bowls in kitchenware aisle)
"jeez, sometimes they just don't have a thing i want here and it makes me so mad that i wasted my time..."

(high-pitched voice of a woman overheard several aisles away)
"banana hooks?? banana hooks! banana hooks!!"

(me, thoughts racing while browsing through home furnishings)
"gawd, we're so lucky here. we have so much at our fingertips. why would anyone need banana hooks? look at all this stuff! what is that thing, a wickery-basket-over-the-door-clothes-and-shoes-organizer? i don't think i need that. but i need to organize my closet. i have too many clothes. i hate that society convinces us that we need to buy new clothes every season. i hate fashion. i hate that i think i need four different sets of plates for every occasion or every season. i hate that there are different kinds of glasses for every possible drink. hmm, i like this orange-and-white hawaiian-floral beach towel...wait, i already have more than a dozen bath/beach/face/hand/fancy/everyday towels. already much more than any one person needs. what am i doing? i need to get out of here! i need to stay aware. and grateful. and content. i need to be more responsible. and more generous. i don't need more stuff. i need to break my mind free from the idea that i need to acquire more stuff. i need to consume less. i need to simplify my life. i need to...

what's that? is that a garden troll? it is a garden troll! oooh, i love this garden troll. i need this garden troll..."

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