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6.30.2003 | link |


(from friday night/pre-sleep)

tonight i had that blissful last-day-of-school feeling again. a clean, empty weekend waiting to be filled as i see fit. the feeling is usually at its peak as i'm leaving the office. i want to run down the steps and throw all my papers in the air, like at the end of grease.

natty was in town so she came by. we ate trader joe’s marinated teriyaki chicken with our fingers, cheese pizza (also trader joe's) and drank rum-and-diet-cokes. friend-who-hates-ants also stopped by for a while and gave me plant advice. we all watched frida, natty laughed out loud, and she and elliot talked during the movie (i think i shushed them once). natty ended up staying the night, since she was en route to meet her friend at the beach the next day. she slept on my new air mattress in the living room—the one bought especially for all of elliot's and my netflix movie nights.

have i mentioned how much i love netflix? and netflix movie nights? and rum-and-diet-cokes? and elliot? and friend-who-hates-ants? and natty? and tonight, i even loved life.

you know how they say "he/she loved life" at some people's funerals? at mine, they can say "she loved life. sometimes."

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