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6.25.2003 | link |


dear zefrank,

i’m pretty sure “zefrank” is not your name. maybe “ze” is short for something. but I think that’s inconsequential. if that piece of information was important for you to communicate, i think you’d make it a point to make the clarification. but you haven't.

i’m writing to you because i spent a few hours with your web site today. i realize it's been around for some time now. but unfortunately, i hadn’t spent any quality time with it until now.

mostly i’d like to thank you for doing what you do. thanks for being multitalented and for doing something with your talents. obviously, you’re a fun person. but it’s also apparent that you’re an artist who makes some intelligent underlying statements. maybe you started all this to showcase what you can do. and maybe you’re doing it because, well, you have to. it’s your form of expression, your art, and it probably keeps you sane.

but you could have chosen not to do anything at all. you could have chosen to be lazy, or insecure, or cynical, or distracted, or depressed, or greedy. or you could have chosen to settle for a thankless job that kept you from doing the things you really wanted to do.

i’m sure thousands flock to your web site every day. and i imagine you’ve achieved some web celebrity status. in our society, “celebrity” comes to those who succeed in doing what others wish they could do. anyone who seems more accomplished or talented or rich or confident or coordinated or fearless or motivated or symmetrical than the masses becomes a celebrity to varying degrees. and celebrities become the gods of the ordinary.

i’m not saying that i think you’re god. i’m just making a statement about celebrity in our society. sorry. it was a bit of a tangent. (maybe you could make a game about it.) now back to the letter.

you may feel pretty good about yourself. or you may feel like it isn’t that big of a deal. (perhaps all your friends are the celebrity-type.) maybe you’re humbled by all the email you get. maybe you think you’re just making an ass of yourself. or maybe you want people to think that you think you’re just making an ass of yourself. maybe it’s a combination of all these things and more. or less.

but i always think it’s amazing when a complete stranger puts his/her thoughts and personality and art and efforts on the web. and that a complete stranger could stumble onto the complete stranger’s thoughts and personality and art and efforts. and the complete stranger can make another complete stranger laugh out loud and feel amazed and get inspired.

you (and the dancing, your cat, the drawing tools, your artwork...) have made me happy today. and i just want you to know that i appreciate it. i want you to know that, for what it’s worth, i think you’ve done something good.

keep up the good work. i have no doubt you will spend your life well.


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