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5.06.2003 | link |


i've been thinking that i need to have my own "mission statement." like companies do. i know it's geeky. but i don't care.

it's important to know what you think and be somewhat committed to it, right? committed enough to think things through and actually write them down so that they're understandable by someone actually outside your head. my problem is that sometimes when i go through life-altering experiences, i avoid writing things down in a mad dash towards regaining normalcy. (hence, the blog avoidance.) and sometimes, sadly, my convictions become watered down as i go back to my norm. as i clothe myself once again with what's easy and comfortable. i hate that. what a waste of a perfectly good life-altering experience.

so. a mission statement. it would be different than writing the usual, similarly-geeky "where i want to be in 5 years" statement. it wouldn't be a list of goals that, nomatter how well-intentioned, only ends up making me feel like i can never be enough or never do all i want to do. and it wouldn't be the useless self-indulgent list of things i want to own someday. (although i might indulge in a lofty intellectual expression of my contempt for consumerism and how i've bought into it for so long...)

i'd want my mission statement to be a "i think i just may finally understand how i want my life to be" life statement. it's kind-of scary. and potentially embarrassing in, say, 5 years (or 5 days, knowing me). but it's important.

i'll keep you posted.

i'm suddenly aware of my, um, odd present circumstances. i'm sitting in my brighly-lit cubicle at work. i'm writing about committing to a mission statement. i'm throwing around my contempt for consumerism. (despite the fact that i'm an advertising copywriter.) and i'm "rocking out" - ever so subtlely - to the pixies in my headphones, with black francis screaming "cookie i think you're TAAAAAAAAAME."

my life is full of contradictions.

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