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5.09.2003 | link |


i’m feeling a little "glass-is-half-empty" today.

i wrote a long, cynical blog entry earlier—but i've decided that one sentence says it all without all the grumpiness and pesky complaining.

it's especially annoying to feel this way when i know that i have a good life. i'm loved, i'm healthy, i'm employed, i'm not hideous looking, and i have "soy delicious!" chocolate ice cream in my freezer.

so i should think about happy things, right? raindrops-on-roses and whiskers-on-kittens things. like warm reddish sunlight on closed eyelids and smelling coconut suntan lotion. or walking barefoot across a warm cement floor and smelling jasmine blossoms everywhere. or laying down (with hands behind head) on long blades of soft grass (the un-prickly kind) and smelling the warm, soft earth below.

i just said "warm" three times.

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