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3.30.2003 | link |


i've found this to be interesting stuff. and oddly comforting: embedded reporters periodically logging their observations.

can't really explain why. but it helps me feel a bit better - and somewhat less helpless - to read what's unfolding, first-hand from people that are witnessing it. i know it's all checked and monitored. but it doesn't matter to me. at least it seems more straight-forward and like they're not just trying to convince me to believe one way or another.

update 3.31.03:

want to share a part of an entry i read this morning, posted by a reporter named Andrew North in Nasiriya:

The story, the key players are all around me. Sometimes the story has been too close, when the marines I am with have come under direct attack.

But the really difficult part has been the working conditions, constant dirt and dust which seem to claim another item of my equipment each week.

And with the satellites that all journalists in Iraq rely on getting ever more congested, I sometimes think it is a miracle I manage to get any reports out at all.

There was a few times, as I have been getting a non-stop engaged signal for an hour at a time, I thought to myself, I might as well give up doing news and try and write a book.

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