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3.25.2003 | link |


i'm not going to get into a political commentary. i can't pretend i understand anything.

but i will make a personal commentary: i don't know if i can read the news about this war anymore. it’s making me physically ill.

this morning my eyes shot open, as usual, around 6 am. half-asleep, i staggered to my computer and, as usual, went online to read up on what horrific things happened in the world while i was sleeping soundly and safely in my warm bed.

and i felt my chest literally clench and tighten. and this feeling was soon accompanied by swift-kick-to-the-stomach nausea.

i read an article yesterday that suggested that to avoid expected war time stress, you should avoid news reports or speculations or debates about this war. so maybe if i don't talk about it or read about it or hear about it -- it won't exist?

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