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2.07.2003 | link |


if you can, sometime today or this weekend—visit “this american life” online to listen to “supposed to die.”

i heard it years ago and it’s stayed with me. it’s a true story from the life of kevin kelly—a founding member of wired magazine and all-around brilliant guy. a traveling photojournalist in the 70s, he found himself in a really weird place in his life. then an idea occurred to him. he decided to live—truly live—as though he were going to die in six months.

he got rid of all his possessions. and bicycled 5,000 miles around the country to visit members of his family for the “last time.” as the six months went by, he prepared himself for his “death.”

there’s so much to the story. listen, if you can. it might change you.

or not.

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