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2.12.2003 | link |


i get a lot of hits on this blog for google searches for words like “take offs” or “landings” or “bad landings.” should that cause concern?

i don’t want to add to the prevailing anxieties over the implications of war. i don’t want to get caught up in the fear over the unknown and uncontrollable. i’m trying not to get torn up over leaving the U.S. and traveling at such a fragile time in the world. i don’t want to overreact – and give in to the evening news’ fear tactics. but i know i must react – somehow.

should i not be driving my car as much - considering gas prices are currently around $1.91 a gallon? should i be stocking up on canned beans or something? should i be putting aside clean water and buying a hand-cranked radio? should i be hiding some cash in my underwear drawer? should i be avoiding public places and tall buildings? should i suction-cup an american flag on my car window?

or should i just live my life as i’ve done before? be a little more aware and cautious - and just remember to appreciate everything?

ok. i think i can do “appreciation.”

i’ve been lucky to have grown up in a country where this kind of survival sense isn’t normally required. i’ve been able to live free from a daily threat of suicide bombings. i feel confident that i can drink the tap water and not get a potentially fatal illness. i am a citizen of a country where, theoretically, i can usually get by day-to-day and be relatively oblivious to the turmoil of the rest of the world. and, if i so choose, i can get caught up in my trivial problems and regularly complain about superficial things.

yeah, i know. it’s all relative. but i also know – we are so sheltered. and so fortunate. and especially when i think about some of the horrors others have had to live through in my own lifetime - this seems manageable.

doesn't it?

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