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1.12.2003 | link |


looky here: natty posted some pics that i took of her while she was staying with me over the holidays.

p.s. natty makes the perfect houseguest. she bakes cakes. washes dishes. closes the windows for you when there are 80 mph winds outside. she lays down on your couch and reads all of your books--especially the ones you've been meaning to read but haven't yet so you feel silly when she asks you if it's any good. she scribbles in her notebooks all day long and asks you questions like: what do you remember about being 15? then she makes you take a shower so you can go to chinatown and eat fantastic egg rolls, then get invited to drum-and-base new year's eve shows. she hugs her beers, makes funny faces, and puts on gorilla masks--making me laugh so hard i think i'm going to pee in my pants. but more importantly, she makes me forget why i'm sad. thanks, natty! come back soon, ok?

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