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1.06.2003 | link |


if you haven’t seen the movie “adaptation” and want to, i don’t want to spoil anything for you. so please proceed to the next paragraph. don’t read this one:
one of the freakiest but most resonating lines from “adaptation” was meryl streep’s crumbling character clutching her dead boyfriend to her chest, and between gasps, crying out “i want to be new!” a miserable, desperate, heart-breaking plea. but somewhere inside everyone knows what that feels like.

newness. what i love about the new year is that it makes you able and almost obligated to turn to a new page. a clean, fresh page. unmarked and unstained. ok, so it’s just one day passing to another—but with all the new year rituals, something stirs in you, urging you to resolve to be better. somehow. or at least think about it a little. to make this year count. starting…now!

and me? i’m infected by this in the worst way. the good news is, i’ve emerged from the holidays by picking myself apart and piecing myself back together. a quiet, necessary, page-turning process that has me looking to the future. and feeling like maybe i can do anything with it. with peace. self-reflection. and hope.

so for anyone who takes the time to read my words every now and then, i wish you the same.

peace. self-reflection. hope. and newness. lots of it. happy new year.

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