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11.12.2002 | link |


i had 41 items on a strictly loose “to do” list during my time off. i accomplished 19 and three quarters. among the “organize office” and “defrost freezer” items, i also included tasks like “spend a few lazy hours reading at the bookstore café in the middle of the day when others are rushing back to work. (wear a goofy, contented look on your face.)” i checked that one off last wednesday. i even indulged in some playdough time with my niece and nephew. everyone should have a little playdough time now and then.

so i’m back at work today. and i’ve been hearing a lot of “wow, you look so rested!” comments. i guess when you spend 10 days as a lump on a couch, you can look rested, too.

i realize it’s only a matter of time before the dreariness of the office starts to permeate my mood again*. but for now, i may as well have a songbird perched on my index finger.

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