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11.19.2002 | link |

100 things  

1. I am the youngest child by 7 years. I was unplanned.
2. I haven't eaten beef or pork in 13 15 years.
3. Sometimes I tell people that I choose which meat I eat based on whether the animal is "cute" or "smart". They often think I'm serious.
4. I could eat sushi every day.
5. I am 7th grade spelling bee champion. (Though I lost in the city finals by misspelling the word "aggravate".)
6. My mom still calls me her baby.
7. I lived in Seattle for 2 1/2 years with my two cats, Ruby and Sky. Sky used to drool when he purred.
8. My first car was a VW bug with no reverse. It also ran on 3 cylinders. And one day the muffler fell off.
9. I like to take photographs of people I don't know.
10. My first book was called "My Little Cat". I wrote it when I was 6.
11. I used to steal my older sister's clothes.
12. Reality television is my guilty pleasure.
13. I have overactive tear ducts.
14. I know I have a really good life.
15. I really, really want a bicycle just like PeeWee Herman's in PeeWee's Big Adventure. (I now have this one.)
16. I have a tendency to kill plants, but I still try to make them grow.
17. I'm short and I fall over in high heels.
18. One of the nicest things someone can do for me is have coffee ready for me in the morning.
19. I am very forgiving of other people's shortcomings, but pretty hard on myself.
20. I speak Armenian, mostly to my grandmother. (But I don't feel very smart when I do because I speak it at a 4th grade level.)
21. I think in English, and have to translate in my head to Armenian.
22. I love doing the crossword puzzle on Sunday mornings.
23. I think my boyfriend fiance is a good, good man.
24. I love the feeling of salt water drying on my skin at the beach.
25. I hate beer.
26. I've had the same best friend since I was 12.
27. I've never read Marcel Proust but I've always thought I should.
28. I collect vintage eyeglasses and have 42 45
29. I've never bitten my nails.
30. I was an English major before I dropped out of UCLA. (I'll probably be an English major again one day.)
31. I've had 6 years of piano lessons and piano recitals but couldn't play a tune if you asked me to.
32. I've traveled to Italy, France, Armenia, and Tunisia. (Oh, and Mexico and Canada, but being so close, I don't know if they count.) And now, I've gone to Sri Lanka, India, and Singapore, too.
33. I've been in Lebanon, Syria, Cypress, Greece, and Switzerland, but I was too young to remember.
34. I wore a lot of black when I was a teenager.
35. I can carry a tune, but that's about it.
36. I get cranky when I'm hungry.
37. I didn't did eat lunch today.
38. I have an orange vinyl couch.
39. I am a tattoo virgin.
40. I used to have E.T. shoelaces but I've never seen E.T.
41. I don't watch movies with a lot of violence. (I don't want to be numb to that.)
42. I love watching old sitcoms late at night until I fall asleep.
43. I own an electric toothbrush but I usually use my manual one instead.
44. I floss, most of the time.
45. You can see me as an extra in the movie, "The Doors." I'm sitting at a table in the scene at the Whisky. I looked up Meg Ryan's nostrils, and I bumped into Oliver Stone on purpose. He glared at me.
46. I've driven all the way to Graceland on a road trip, but didn't take the tour because I was almost out of money.
47. I force myself to watch surgeries on TV and watch nurses sticking needles in my arm so I won't be squeamish.
48. I went to art school in Seattle while I worked full time.
49. I volunteer at the museum and "check in" people's backpacks. Sometimes they think I'm going to "check" them and open them up so I can look inside.
50. I'm doing this list because of my birthday (November 23) and I think I should do this every year. But I haven't.
51. Two Four years ago, I spent my birthday on top of the Empire State Building.
52. I'd like to go back in time and re-do a few years.
53. I'm a pretty good dancer.
54. I own blue roller skates with stripes on the side.
55. I'm a lot funnier when I've had a few glasses of wine.
56. I'm a lot happier when I've had a few glasses of wine.
57. I can be very, very patient.
58. People often say I'm an idealist.
59. I have dimples. But I've heard dimples are a genetic defect.
60. I don't wear a watch and can't remember the last time I did, therefore...
61. I'm usually late.
62. I can make a lovely origami crane, but I always often
forget how.
63. I always wake up momentarily when the paperboy walks up the stairs on Sunday mornings to deliver my paper.
64. I like my coffee strong, but with milk and two teaspoons of sugar.
65. I love early mornings but can never get up early enough to enjoy them.
66. I buy a lot of postcards that I fully intend to send, but often don't.
67. I don't like to go shopping.
68. This list feels very awkward, contrived, and/or self-serving at times.
69. I am not the alpha female.
70. I used to fantasize about being in the army, but only because of MASH and "Private Benjamin".
71. I used to practice being ambidextrous, but I'm better at writing upside down.
72. I can be very, very rational on the outside.
73. I can be very, very emotional on the inside.
74. I wear my glasses when I want to look smart.
75. I don't like to kill spiders or ants, and if I do I feel guilty.
76. I like the beaming look on people's faces when it first starts to snow.
77. I wish people would be more honest.
78. I think style is more important than fashion.
79. My eyes are green with specks of orange.
80. Strangers smile at me.
81. I procrastinate. A lot. And I'm doing it right now.
82. I like to sneak lots of candy into the movies.
83. I would lose at Survivor.
84. I do my own taxes.
85. I don't like talking on the phone, except to make plans.
86. I always take Polaroids on New Year's Eve.
87. One of my favorite songs is "The Rainbow Connection"--sung by either Kermit the Frog or Willie Nelson.
88. I almost eloped when I was 19...
89. But my parents "talked" me out of it...
90. And I'm grateful for that, although I hated them at the time.
91. I can interpret your dreams.
92. I should be driving a powder-blue '57 Ford Galaxie...
93. But I drive a sensible Honda Trooper.
94. Sometimes I wish I was Irish. Sometimes I wish I was Japanese. Sometimes I wish I was Jewish. Sometimes I wish I was Indian. (But I'm happy I'm Armenian.)
95. I found out that I'm a CMV blood donor. (My blood can be used for premature babies.)
96. When I was little, I used to wish I had a giant flying lion to ride on—like in "The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe". (I still do.)
97. I hope I'll always be able to see the boa constrictor swallowing an elephant, instead of just a hat. (The Little Prince)
98. I'm better at writing than talking.
99. When I'm old I'd like to wear my hair pulled back in a thick, waist-long braid.
100. I don't worry about getting older. I just worry about getting boring.


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