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10.29.2002 | link |


this morning, a clear shower cap had somehow made its way to the freeway. it was inflated by the wind generated by passing cars. it looked like it was swimming gracefully across the lanes like a floating jellyfish.


i often type my thoughts out on the computer--then print it out. i carry that printed piece of paper with me throughout the day at work--like when i go to meetings or outside for little breaks--and i scribble additional thoughts, drawings, potential blog entries...

but very often at the end of the day, i end up ripping it into a dozen-or-so pieces and i throw it all in the trash can.

this morning i wondered if pieces of my thoughts ever fly out of the garbage truck on its way to the land fill. if they ever end up floating on the freeway. or if they ever swim somewhere where someone can find and read them.


this afternoon, i saw a yellow ford festiva on my drive back to work--completely filled with what looked like trash. across the back seat and half-way up the closed front passenger window. among the yellowed newspapers, crumpled fast-food cups, and candy bar wrappers, there were little brown paper bags that were hand-labeled in shaky capital letters. i was only able to make out one of the labels before the haggard driver looked at me suspiciously. it said: “found things.”

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