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10.01.2002 | link |


other than the prevailing please-let-me-go-home-and-crawl-underneath-a-blanket feeling, today has been a nice day. (don't mind the noncommittal “nice”)

i can say that without smirking because:

1. it’s 5:45 and almost time for me to run out of here like it’s the last day of school;
2. i had sushi for lunch—which has the inexplicable power to make me giddy;
3. i successfully evaded work for at least an hour by browsing for non-touristy mexican beachside vacation spots with adequate swaying palm trees and fruity drinks (i think i may have actually found one!); and
4. the sky is solid white from the clouds.

this kind of sky always reminds me of being fifteen and spending late afternoons at the neighborhood park with friend-who-hates-ants.

we used to meet there after school sometimes to escape our rather normal family lives. we’d climb to the top of the monkey bars and settle in with my small beat-up “boombox” in between us. i’d make her listen to "the cure" with me while we smoked really, really bad menthol cigarettes. (she told me once that i wasn't really inhaling.) and unlike the expected teenage-girl chatter, we usually just leaned back on our elbows and watched the sky...

so i did that today. not the menthol-cigarettes part, or the monkey-bars part, or the-cure-listening part—but the leaning-back-and-watching-the-sky part. and it was lovely.

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