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10.10.2002 | link |


i’ve been on a bit of a blog break. unplanned but necessary. been sick for a few days, but i didn't mind. it gave me an excuse to watch daytime cable tv and eat lucky charms in bed, right out of the box.

a few days of watching really bad tv puts my mind on a whole other plane. and this is the kind of enlightened discourse that goes on in there:

hmmm, paul lynde, phyllis diller, and charles nelson reilly are on a lot of 70s games shows.
was phyllis diller famous for being famous?
paul lynde was a damn funny guy and well-deserving of the center hollywood square.
why don’t they have the match game anymore?
i bet desperately seeking susan has an underlying message—like sometimes you have to lose your mind to find it.
i wish madonna’s 80s fashions would come back in style.
i gotta get me a pair of those charles nelson reilly glasses!

it’s as though my brain’s country cousins are subletting my skull.

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