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10.25.2002 | link |


i haven’t felt like blogging lately. in fact, i haven’t felt much like doing anything. at all. for a while now. and i’m starting to get on my nerves.

i’ve pretty much figured out that i must be going through a depression-type of thing again. it’s kind of unhealthy to not care about anything, isn’t it? the truth is--i hate thinking about being depressed and talking about being depressed. almost as much as i hate feeling depressed. because it's boring. it depresses people around you. and who needs that?

but to humor myself, i took a silly “depression test” online. it went a little something like this:

For more than two weeks:
Do you feel sad, blue, unhappy or "down in the dumps"?
Answer: Very Often

Do you feel tired, having little energy, unable to concentrate?
Answer: Most of the time

Do you feel uneasy, restless or irritable?
Answer: Very Often

Do you have trouble sleeping or eating (too little or too much)?
Answer: Never (yeah, right, trouble sleeping?)

Do you feel that you are not enjoying the activities that you used to?
Answer: Very Often

Do you feel that it takes you longer than before to make decisions or unable to concentrate?
Answer: Very Often

Do you feel guilty without a rational reason, or put yourself down?
Answer: Very Often (oh yeah, guilt is a major player)

the insightful diagnosis? apparently my answers “reflect the presence of significant depressive symptoms.”

(guess i just needed validation.)

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