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9.13.2002 | link |


my entire department is leaving early today to go bowling.

on a good day, i’d want to be the first one there and model my bowling shoes. i’d use 2 or 3 lanes as my personal catwalks. i’d spend all my laundry quarters buying glittery stickers that say “rock star.” i’d arm wrestle with the claw and bruise my middle fingers on the pinball machine with the most scantily dressed women. i’d spend 15 minutes picking out the perfect 8 lb ball. i’d choose everyone’s aliases for the scoreboard. i’d order a gin and tonic from the bar and punch up “journey” on the jukebox. then i’d wrap up the evening a little tipsy and with a glowing score of 32. a personal record.

but not today. today i think i want to go home and sleep instead.

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