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8.27.2002 | link |


i apologize in advance. i know dreams are rarely interesting to anyone else but the dreamer. but sometimes they're too obvious.

i dreamt that i lived in a tower. a cylindrical fairy-tale-style tower, built into the side of a jagged cliff. i greeted some old friends at the bottom of the tower and invited them up. we walked up the spiraling stairs that wrapped around the tower to my front door.

once inside, i noticed another door at the back of my apartment—one i’d never seen before—behind an old, dusty washing machine. so i pushed the washer aside and shook the door open.

behind the door was a whole other section to my apartment that i never knew existed. like an attic, but airy and bright with tall ceilings and huge, loft-style windows. i was marveling at the space. and thrilled at the prospect of having more room.

i even discovered a shiny-new washer and dryer in there (how the hell did that get in there?).

but soon i started noticing cobwebs. then more, and more. and the more i looked around me, the more i realized the place was literally dripping with our multi-legged friends. spiders, centipedes, ants moving across the walls and ceiling like water.

then suddenly, two hairy, 8-foot-talls spiders morphed out of the walls and slowly started moving towards me. now i’m usually not afraid of spiders. but jesus. these were mammoth. and they looked hungry.

so i moved urgently to the door. but true to dream cliches, couldn’t get it open. after frantic pushing and pulling, i escaped just as i felt a furry fang scrape my shoulder, slammed the door behind me, and pushed the old, dusty washing machine back in front of it.

who cared if there was all that space. who cared if there was a brand-new washer and dryer inside. i was never, ever going in there again.

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