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7.11.2002 | link |


you either live in los angeles and are already experiencing the miserable heat wave. or you don’t care and can’t believe i’m bringing this up again.

but seriously, it’s driving me batty. i think i’m losing it.

when we got home last night, i could feel the temperature rising 2 degrees for every step up to my apartment. after the prompt turning-out of lights and stripping-off of layers—i lay down on the cover-less bed in front of the open window and was very, very still.

there was a thick, unnatural breeze coming in through the trees. and the only sound was the combined hum of the computers and late-night freeway traffic. (which, if you concentrate, can sound like waves breaking at the ocean.)

but there was no thought. none of the usual pre-sleep inventory of worries. only the heavy heat. sitting down on top of my lungs and pushing up against my skin with its sausage fingers.

and that’s when i saw them. suddenly, from the corner of the room, two large dust bunnies stood up on hind legs and started to do a little happy dance. i jerked up and squinted my eyes. sure enough— there they were in the shadows. brought to life and hopping around. so i leaned on my elbows and watched them intently for several minutes. they twirled and they tumbled. they pushed and they pulled. they shimmied across the hardwood floors like a couple of slapstick comedians. in fact, i’m sure they were doing a little vaudeville number...

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