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7.24.2002 | link |


there are around 78 reasons why I haven’t been diligent with dear blog. bet you’re hoping i’d write all 78. but alas, here are 3:

moving: as you know, i’m in the process of uprooting my life. and this, of course, means I must spend hours drawing out aerial diagrams of my new apartment and strategizing the placement of my various things. yes. this is important stuff.

work: i’ve had numerous urgent, life-or-death project deadlines to meet these days. so i’ve had to put in 7-8 hours of actual copywriting (unlike my usual 2-3 per day). that doesn’t leave me much time to sneak in blog entries. and it jeckle-and-hydes me into a highly-stressed, short-fused, scowling, cynical whiner that you probably wouldn’t want to hear from, anyway.

cranky and generally unpleasant: i’ve been going through, let’s just say, an “episode” these past few days. i haven’t been the me that likes to think and write and look at life. i’ve been the me that wants to crawl underneath my cubicle and take a nap. i’ve been sighing a lot. i’ve been chain-smoking and eating fudge cookies. i couldn’t even fully appreciate the fact that my coworker brought in his pulled wisdom teeth in a sandwich baggie--just because I’d mentioned I wanted to see them. now that’s just wrong.

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