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7.26.2002 | link |


last night, my best friend and i sat outside in her yard. it was calm and cool and comfortable. and we were talking quietly about delicate things. suddenly, in mid-sentence, my friend sat up urgently on her lawn swing. "lift your foot," she ordered. i obeyed, looked down, and they came into focus: an entire nation of ants spread out before me in the dirt. thousands of them. the quantities of nightmares and horror flicks. they were mostly concentrated in a circle about two feet in diameter. then they stretched out from this metropolis into highways and byways of trails into the bushes and trees.

we knelt and watched them in silence for several minutes. i felt like i was on top of the empire state building looking down at busy new yorkers scurrying about. and if i kept my eyes from blinking, the ground began to look like it was stirring and sliding.

then my friend disappeared into the house. and reappeared with a red can of bug spray. you see, despite my dearest friend's gift for growing flowers and love for trees and her silly conversations with the face on the moon--she has a serious vendetta against these tiniest of creatures. my best friend hates ants. she hates them with a passion that surpasses expected irritation. because once they dared to trespass into her sugar bowl, they became her sworn enemy.

"do you actually want to wipe out this civilization?" i asked. "yup." she replied.

so with the flexing of an index finger, the chemical bomb was sprayed across the unsuspecting masses. soon the alarmed targets were aware of the deadly fumes as their little hexagonal eyes began to cloud over. and the once frenzied workers felt their limbs stiffen and slow down and still they pushed on in desperation. but in just moments, many stopped in their tracks. and they dropped the twigs and crumbs they were carrying beside their now lifeless bodies.


let bygones be bygones.

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