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7.31.2002 | link |


it’s a guilty pleasure. but i admit—i love personality tests. those amazing, deeply-rooted-in-psychology (ahem) 20-question tests that can provide revealing insights and answers about myself that even i—in the many, many years that i’ve known me—haven’t been able to uncover.

so i’ve indulged in a few tests and learned some fascinating facts about myself. for example, my “flavor” is mocha. the color of my aura is turquoise. my career makeover says i should’ve been an architect. my perfect car is apparently a station wagon (?). if i were a dog, i’d be a bernese mountain dog. and last but not least, i discovered that in my past life, i was a leopard named lola. yeah, lola. i was a showgirl, with yellow feathers in my hair, and a dress cut down to there…

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