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7.02.2002 | link |


ever since i’ve started blogging, i’ve realized how simple i am.

i’ve seen the quarterbacks and cheerleaders of blogging. and i feel about as awkward and resentful as molly ringwald in pretty in pink. these are bloggers that jab at life with the pointed index finger of cynicism. or masterfully pick life apart like day-old chicken that’s been cooked too long. or they pour out one witty remark after another with language as fluid and sticky as grocery-store-brand syrup.

and i love reading that stuff. i lap it up.

all i can offer is a quiet commentary of summer nights, or little boys that flush soap down the toilet.

i think i need more of a rebellious edge. maybe i can work on my anger and sense of bitter irony. yeah, i should shed my sophomoric musings and slip into something a little more controversial.

but who am i kidding. i’m just an out-of-place tomato in an $18 grown-up salad with candied walnuts.

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