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7.26.2002 | link |


critical advice to my future self:

never, ever, ever again bring up a topic with sensitive status to parents for open discussion. and especially not during your lunch hour.

do not try to explain or persuade parents against something you already know you disagree about. never assume—not even for a moment—that you are having a productive conversation with reasonable adults. your sad, optimistic assumption that they must now see you as an adult—now that you’re grown and independent—is completely false, naïve, and an inevitable blow to your hard-earned self-respect.

when in doubt, avoid sensitive topics altogether. if you ignore it, it won’t exist. don’t ask, don’t tell. pretend you’re too stupid, shallow, and/or self-absorbed to understand and/or care about their feelings about certain aspects of your life.

and the next time that little voice says, “just be honest…honesty is its own reward,” tell that little voice to piss off. instead, learn to manipulate circumstances to suit your life and comfort level. because otherwise, you will continue to return from lunch hours with a beet red nose and puffy eyes because you just had a miserable fight with your parents about your boyfriend. all while eating vegetable stew.

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