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6.20.2002 | link |


was sitting outside taking a break when i heard a sound from the sidewalk. squeak squeak squeeeeaak. squeak squEAK squeeEEEAAK. i looked up to see a shiny beagle emerge from behind the foliage. chocolate and creme and fluff---trotting proudly like a general’s stallion making its way to battle. after it came its long, red leash. then, the stroller the leash was tied to—squeaking along with rosy baby tucked inside with pink pacifier and matching quilt. and finally came the man behind the whole operation. an older man in a baseball cap and sneakers--probably in his late 60s. pushing the stroller with the carefree stride of an island man making his way to the beach. as he walked by, i caught his eye and he nodded at me. he looked about as happy as a child on christmas morning. smile spread across his wrinkled face like morning sunshine. and as quickly as they appeared, the puppy-baby contraption passed me by. and the squeaks slowly faded as they made their way down the city street.

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