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6.18.2002 | link |


saw a documentary the other day about the rwandan genocide. 1994. what were my problems in 1994? (certainly not watching my parents be murdered or my siblings’ limbs being severed off.)

this morning has been batty at the office. when people freak out over work, don't they eventually realize how silly it is? i just can’t get myself to care. i was thinking earlier about the weeks after 9-11--everyone, even work people, seemed to have so much more substance. grounded, with real emotions. and perspective.

so right now, i’m blocking out the office. i’ve got my headphones on and listening to "girl from ipanema." mmm. want to go to the beach. like one of those pristine, white beaches with little huts on a tahitian island. i want to dig my toes into the sand and lick salt water off my lips. and lay in a hammock under a big straw umbrella. and sip fruity alcoholic drinks out of a coconut with a pink pelican straw.

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