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6.25.2002 | link |


my grandmother is about 4 feet tall. we call her mamig. and she's just about the cutest little woman you've ever laid eyes on. mamig usually gets that you're joking with her about 10 seconds late, but then lets out a lovely laugh that makes your heart dance. she lets you dress her up in graduation robes and exaggerated 70's afro wigs and lets you take pictures of her. she gets embarrassed. and laughs at herself. in her 92 years, she's survived a genocide, made a home in three different countries, and written letters to bill clinton. she loves to tell stories if you're willing to listen. but mostly she likes to sit quietly and take everything in. she forms her opinions. keeps them to herself. unless you ask. she rents a little house and likes to make everything extra spicy. "oh, is it too hot?" she asks sincerely. "i made it less hot for you." every few months, she takes a special bus to palm springs to soak in the natural springs. she calls it the "hot waters." mamig prays incessantly. for all of us by name. and the only thing she's asked from god for herself is that she dies with her mind intact.

but mamig is not well. she hasn't been well for a while now. her body's tired, i guess. it doesn't want to work anymore.

i got to spend some time with her at the hospital tonight. it now takes her about 20 seconds to get your jokes. but she still let me put a flower in her hair so i could take a polariod. when it developed, she looked at it long and hard, and said, "is that me? my face looks rounder."

and before i left, my mamig said "love each other. just love one another. that's all there is."

update on 6/05: my beloved mamig passed away in the early hours of friday, may 28th, 2004. there aren't enough words for how much i miss her.


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