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6.05.2002 | link |


my eyes hurt. it’s too bright today.

when i first walked outside this morning, i wanted to shriek and turn my face away and cover my eyes with the backs of my hands and scutter backwards and crouched over back into the darkness. like an Ed Wood vampire or child-of-the-night or wounded cochroach or something equally over-dramatic.

except i can’t really do that shrieking sound very well. and i would have felt a little silly out there in the carport all by myself.

so despite the unnatural brightness this morning, i made it to work without incident. so now i’m squinting at the monitor trying not to rub the mascara off my eyes. and in my computer monitor’s rear-view mirror, my pupils look so big and black i look evil.

(yes, my computer has a rear-view mirror. welcome to the corporate cubicle-land jungle. where you never know when someone is stealthily coming up behind you like a cheetah to find out that you’re not really working but searching the net for break-dancing instructional videos.)

alright. i’m going back to my lukewarm coffee out of a styrofoam cup. hope your day is bright. but not as bright as mine.

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