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6.16.2002 | link |


my crazy landlady shall be known hereafter as landlady-from-hell.

here's why:

we found out last week that landlady-from-hell decided to rent the downstairs apartment (see 6.3.2002 entry) to someone else, not elliot. for no reason.

my kitchen sink and shower have been out of commission for 4 days and i've left message after message. landlady-from-hell finally got around to calling me back--without apology or urgency--with the phone number of a plumber.

she's hurled spear after spear into my wounded optimism and belief in the basic goodness of people. i've even started to end every sentence about her with the word “bitch.” example: “landlady-from-hell is outside watering the plants. bitch.”

this has got to end.

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