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6.03.2002 | link |


i just haven't felt like it lately, OK?

i haven't been in a very "blogger" place.

i always do this. i get into a good, healthy pattern, and then i take a few days off of work and my entire routine goes down the toilet. friends and family. my poor plants. the gym membership. all sadly neglected. i think i'm even late on paying a few bills. guess i better look into that.

so the big hope these days is that elliot may be moving into the downstairs apartment, with a roommate. considering that i rent the 2nd floor of an old craftsman house and the only thing that separates the "apartment" downstairs and mine is a door that's nailed shut--it will feel like we have a whole big dusty house to ourselves.

and with the four studio apartments in the back of the carport, including: the kermit-voiced puppet-making guy and his vegetable-gardening artsy girlfriend, the funky-glasses student guy with all the rah-rah college windshield stickers, the quiet asian girl who loudly warms up her beat-up honda every morning, and the big-truck nice guy who goes fishing with his dad--it'll be like our very own, very boring "melrose place." or a creepy "friends," starring me as the armenian monica. (oh boy.) i've always wanted to live on a tv show.

so i hope it works out with the crazy landlady. cross your fingers.

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