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5.21.2002 | link |


what could be more demoralizing than to type in the URL of your own blog and have the browser declare on a clean white page: "page not found."

that's it? not a more sensitive "sorry, the requested URL could not be retrieved"? or an encouraging "please check your URL and try again"? doesn't it know my blog pages contain little fleshy pieces of my very heart?

instead, it just says very coldly and matter-of-factly: "page not found."

look, as insignificant as my silly little blog may be in the big uber-important world wide web. as obvious and truistic my thoughts and words may be--it matters to me, dammit. please, can't it look just a little bit harder?

but after seven tries, i'm beginning to think it means it. it's final. and i don't think it's going to change its mind. hell, it may as well also say: "tough shit. deal with it."

so. if you're reading this, then somehow, my blog has found its way back. it was lost, and it has been found. a fattened calf has been slaughtered for its return. and hey, it may have some good stories to tell.

in good faith, i post this message.

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